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Event -> SSS 5th Round Zegrze 21-22.08.10 Part II

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Waaaah,finally! Damn, what the hell was that?! I tried uploading the photos for hours and finally the last one is up… Damn, that was anoying as hell…

So finally part II of the photos from Super Drift Cup. This time- qualifications!

If any of you have ever attended a briefing they know what the judges always says- “Hit the clipping points!”. Well, I think Paweł Jagiełło took it too serious! Least to say that barrell flew like one meter from me almost destroying my equipment in bag nearby LOL…

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Event -> SSS 5th Round Zegrze 21-22.08.10 Part I

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So yeah, finally I’ve found time to edit few photos. Seriosly it takes like 5 minutes for one and it took me like a week? Damn work… Well, at least I will get some money, right? Anyway, back on the topic. The event was pretty good, but not as awesome as anyone would like it to be. Why? It got cancelled before TOP16 :| We only manage to see amateur class finals- FAN and almost full TOP32. Why it got cancalled- I will tell about this later. Now- pics ( yea, I’m not good enough to call this photos ) from saturday training sessions and from sunday parade.

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Event -> SSS 3 Round Kąkolewo 26-27.06.2010

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Sup everyone ;)

Long time no see ( well, not really but whatever ). I’ve managed to take few photos from saturday TOP16 qualifications, so I thought you might be intrested. Least to say, my new slr isnt as bad as i thought, but it isnt as good as i would like it to be lol… My lack of skill and equipment I tried to cover with a little PS. Actually i have no skill in Photoshop as well, so its still so so xDDD Anyway, time to check out the photos ;)

PL:  Strzałka ;) Dawnośmy się nie wi… No w sumie to nawet nie tak długo.. W każdym razie udało mi się zrobić parę zdjątek podczas kwalifikacji do TOP16 w sobotę. niestety w niedzielę nie miałem kompletnie czasu. Nowy aparacik nie jest taki zły jak myślałem, ale jednocześnie nie jest taki dobry jakim bym go chciał … Swój brak umiejętności i sprzętu próbuję nadrobić odrobiną edycji w PS, ale jako że i tam nic nie umiem to jest jak jest :P Dobra, czas na zdjęcia ;) Więcej po kliknięciu na “Read More”.

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