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Quick Results -> Double Dai!

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Again, first in Atlanta, now in New Jersey, Dai Yoshihara gets the WIN! Awesome event, awesome people and AWESOME battles! Best event so far! Again it was JR vs Dai in finals and again its Dai who won! Guys, check the battles if u have missed any of it. Seriously xD Achh, wish i was there…

Big congratulations to Dai for Double win in 2 rounds!


Round 2 of Formula Drift – Road Atlanta – Dai takes the win!

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Hell yea guys! Dai “Awesome Hairstyle” Yoshihara in his Rocket(o) Bunny s13 powered by LS2 enigine takes the win in round 2 of FD! The event was a BLAST and thanks to yoparts livestream I ( as well as many of other people ) was able to watch this live. If u weren’t lucky enough to check it yesterday (well, today but early in the morning here in Poland ), visit Formula D Live and watch it from very beginning. Great thing is that Michael Essa in his BMW ( not JDM but cool anyway ) was 4th. Congratz to all of the guys over FD for bringin us such awesome event ;).

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Some of you might have noticed the black-white heading already. The reason is of course the plane crash whole world is talkin bout as well as one week long national mourning ( dunno if i write it correct sorry ). I was about to go to the mexpo in my city but it turned out to be nothing special actually, so i didnt bother ( mostly because my new photocamera isnt in my house yet as well …). Anyway, i looks like i will have to wait another 2 weeks to see action ( 1st round of DMP). Good thing that there is driftstream ^^ It really was awesome ( Gittin Jr FTW ). I was the most impressed with Aasbo run ( especially when we was leading against Mordaunt- SICK! ). Cant wait for round 2 ^^ Anyway, see ya later guys ;)

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