Official Closure

Yea, It was bound to happen. 23.7.2011 is the last day of this blog life. I’ve started this blog only as a fun project. Something to get started with. In the meantime I’ve bought new dslr, sold it, bought another one, write a damn lot and spend some quality time. I was trying to show drifting in Poland to bigger audience, all around the world. Damn, I even wrote articles for driftworks :D Anyway a little sumarry:

I started this blog around august of 2009. During this time Ray’s JDM Life got:
257 views during 13 september 2009. That was also the busisest month (1615 views). Usually this blog got around 30 click per day, but rush ours (new posts lol) reach to 150+. I have no idea if its good result or not. I will leave that for you to judge. I really had good time. Soon I might start new website. Any info about that I will post here as well.

As for now- remember to keep drifting fun ;)



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