Event -> SSS 5th Round Zegrze 21-22.08.10 Part II

Waaaah,finally! Damn, what the hell was that?! I tried uploading the photos for hours and finally the last one is up… Damn, that was anoying as hell…

So finally part II of the photos from Super Drift Cup. This time- qualifications!

If any of you have ever attended a briefing they know what the judges always says- “Hit the clipping points!”. Well, I think Paweł Jagiełło took it too serious! Least to say that barrell flew like one meter from me almost destroying my equipment in bag nearby LOL…

You remember when I said that Marcin Mospinek is awesome drifter? He was 3rd last weekend at final round of JDM Allstars at Silverstone! Way to go mate! His new nickname- Marcin “Nospin” Mospinek xD

Thats the photo that I couldn’t upload for a LOONG time…

Everytime Michał “Siwy” Mikołajczyk is running, I’m VERY careful! Damn, his car is so light that everytime he is near me I think he SURELY is gonna go stright at me. And everytime he is not >.> Least to say he was on fire and took 1st place with a score of 85,76.

Jerzy Tecław in his new car- s12! I love the vintage jdm cars, but whenever I see this car I dont really dig it. The color combo isn’t vintage at all >.> But damn it REALLY looks good at photos!

Many drivers struggle to hit clipping zone. The first long turn shake off a lot of speed, so they really needed some power to do transition and hit the zone. As you can see above- not everyone was digging it.

The car got only cosmetic damage fortunatelly. He almost went on his roof though! Michał Szefer ended his day with 50,84 best run and got to TOP32 at 23rd place.

Looking good right ^^? It has quite the angle actually! Tecław best score- 66,01 and 12th place.

You know, everytime you see Wojciech “Ogień” Łubkowski on track you are sure to see a lot of speed and smoke. But the BEST line was the last thing I’ve thought of… Getting 29 out of 30 with his line he ended up at 8th with 73,26.

Ok when I first saw this photo I didn’t think of it as something special. Until I saw…

… the photo after that one! Damn, it looks like the dude in air is SOOO going to get owned with dust hahaha

This time it was Grzegorz Hypki in Marcin Mospinek car. He really liked it. Why you ask? Well, 2nd place with 83,09 score is the reason why!

I really dig this guy smoke machine. It is safe to say that Andrius Miciunas was the most smoking guy out there! But he really struggle to find a good line. Comparing to other drivers, he missed the clipping points. But that didn’t stop him from getting 7th place with 73,71.

Theres Grzegorz Hypki again. DAMN this spot was SO awesome! But the firefighter said that I have to move :( Why >.>?!

Kamil Kalina in his “Oh so JDM!” r32. Why its black-white ( or gray scale…) ? From what I know that was the last ( or very last ) event that he was using this car. Too bad he don’t say anything about his new project!

The biggest ( literally ) Polish drifter Tomasz Chwastek is getting better and better. He end up with 9th and 70,76.

Recently Marcin “Małpa” Skwierczyński is doing so awesome that I think his puppet in front of the car adds 50 hp at least. Last weekend he was on fire at Silverstone, but mechanical issues ended his perfomance. In Zegrze he was 3rd with 79,92.

Later that day the backdrop was incredible and if only my camera/lens was able to capture more light I’d really have “Oh so awesome” photos. Here is Bartek Stolarski. As always showing how its done with 63,27 and 13th place.

Here I really tried my best to capture as much light as it is possible- didn’t work at all… The 3rd driver of Marcin Mospinek car was Karol Kowalski who ended up in 14th with 62,68. That car really have awesome potential!

So thats it for now. I’m really sorry that it took so long, but only this time it wasn’t my fault. I have the photos ready for like a week, but firstly I was waiting for watermarks ( they are bitchin!) and later I couldn’t upload ’em… Next part will be from not finished TOP32 with special appearance of the reason why it ended up there. Stay Tuned!




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