Event -> SSS 5th Round Zegrze 21-22.08.10 Part I

So yeah, finally I’ve found time to edit few photos. Seriosly it takes like 5 minutes for one and it took me like a week? Damn work… Well, at least I will get some money, right? Anyway, back on the topic. The event was pretty good, but not as awesome as anyone would like it to be. Why? It got cancelled before TOP16 :| We only manage to see amateur class finals- FAN and almost full TOP32. Why it got cancalled- I will tell about this later. Now- pics ( yea, I’m not good enough to call this photos ) from saturday training sessions and from sunday parade.

1st thing I saw when arrived was FAN class training. Its cool how diffrent levels can u see there. It is said, that there are amateurs, but the top3 from them should easly be able to get to top16 in Profi class. On the other hand, some guys really are amateur and can’t maintain drift for the whole track. But it wasn’t easy task, as the entry speed was around 150km/h…

Now that was one hell of a smoke! And heres what I noticed- some cars even though they have TONS of angle, speed and whatsoever, it really lacks smoke! I have no idea why… There was this guy from Lithuania in e30 and he just owned Polish guys in the smoke thing.

On the other hand, he just couldn’t managed to get close to clipping points. It was said to be not further than 1 meter from clipping point/zone. Its cool to see the Fan class improvement. There was few guys who couldn’t managed to link all corners and by the end of the competition, they were closin in clipping points. Way to go!

Talkin’ ’bout the smoke, ain’t cha? Seriously, whats wrong with me these days LOL…

Thats Marcin Mospinek car, the veeeery good dude from Profi class. He was 1st in qualification at round 3, this time a little worse- 5th.  Actually I can’t tell who was driving this car during this shoot. He lend it to 2 guys if I’m correct. The most funny fact was that he wasn’t the best in his own car LOL ( Grzegorz Hypki who borrowed car was higher in quali ).

And here we go with the parade. You might noticed how this post is really chilled and I’m talking about things that are not really irrevelant to photos ( I’m not even sure if I wrote it correctly… ). Well, I really wanted to finally give u some photos, but I have to get ready for work in like 20 minutes… So who’s busy now, huh?

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this. Bunch of awesome drifters goes out to smoke wheels. The haters start to say things like “its just this? thats the whole “drift” thing? It SUCKS” … And not only haters :( I talked to Bart about this, many people involved with drifting in Poland complain too, but the actual audience likes it O.o Well, its not up to me, but I like something like…

…this much more. Ride without doing anything, wave to the audience and have fun. Or…

… stay in the car and look good. Thats the smoke-monster guy from Lithuania. I really wanted to remember his name, but its SO damn hard to spell…

Ah, btw, you can’t beat this entry:

Chilled in pool on the back! Funny thing- this driver nickname is “fire” so its fire in the water… Weak joke I know, but I like this haha.

Ok, more to come soon ( I hope… ). I have some really nice photos in stack from the almost TOP32, Fan class competition and of course qualifications. Oh, and a few specials like art, trip or whatever lol… Stay tuned!

PS. Photos lack watermark because I’m working on new one, but it’s copyright are still there!


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