Spotted -> Subaru Impreza STI

Ok now, seriosly… Me and my friend were out to play some football ( not soccer- FOOTBALL ), which is REALLY rare in Europe. At least in Poland I think… So as we were done, my mate said “lets just go somewhere and broke check things out”. So we have rode for a bit. Being pretty sad that we didn’t find anything nice (3rd day in a row) we stopped at Media Markt, to look at few things. Just as he parked, I saw this beauty in front of me. Well, hello Miss Subaru!!!

I was STOOONED! This really is a new impreza! As I am right now a “never leave home without camera” dude, so I happened to have my gear with me. Oh how lucky I was. I missed few nice cars sooo many times because I forgot my equipment. NOT THIS TIME!

Unfortunately I have to say this- I suck LOL… I take a lot of pics, but I was so thrilled, that I forgot to change settings and some most of the photos were crap… Well, you can’t be calm standing next to this lady! The best thing was the fact, that as I was acting like idiot with big smile and camera in his hand and I heard ” You like it?”… Do I like that? ARE U KIDDING ME?! I LOVE IT!

You know, its pretty rare to hear someone speak English in Poland. Huh, lucky I can speak it ( crappy but still ). The owner really was a cool guy, I spend like 20 minutes talking about the car. And here comes the best part- it is not a normal impreza… Its a Subaru Impreza STI! Hell yea! And guys, check out the BOV <3!

As I was talking and takin photos, I find out that this isn’t just some stock STI. I won’t give you full detail list ( not now lol ), but I surely can say that the owner was no stranger to JDM or tuning. Right now its a daily driver so it goes with 25% of its boost, but STILL, the sound was AMAZING. Shiii, shuuuu, broooom xD

Why I said the owner is a cool dude? Translation of this thingy: “ATTENTION! This vehicle is equipped with turbo. There is a risc of breating problems while strong accelerating. It is recommended for women, to remove the tight clothing. ” More or less xD Now thats some funny shit :P Unfortunately only his girlfriend was “safe” and did what she should LOL

Do I have to comment this photo? Beauty!

So the Szczecin is pretty much JDMless city. And suddently BOOM! such awesome ride I found. If u could just see it!

So thats it. At least for now. Thanks a lot mate for allowing me to take this photos. Too bad so many didnt work out. LAST TIME I swear!

PS. To the owner- if u are reading it ( and i know you are hehe ) give me a hint on mail: . I would really love to shoot this car in some much nicer location!


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