Random Video -> This Is Drifting

Check this out- one of the videos made from other videos, showin what drift is all about. Made by Matix from driftforum.pl. You will see a lot of scraps from Drift Documentary, Clash Production, D1GP, FD, EDC, DMP ( before- SDS ). Cool thing it is all in FULL HD! If u dont know what drift is- there you can find your answer. Kenichi Tsuchiya, Orido, Daigo Saito, Kumakubo, Tanaka, Suenaga, Chris Forsberg, Jarod DeAnda ( dunno if i write it correctly ) and lots, LOTS of other people known to our DRIFT community.

Ow yeah- fellow blogers as well  ( like Alexi or Ems ) ;) All of this is sum up with awesome comment from Luke Haxham ;)

So what are u waitin for? Check this out!


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