Super Drift Series 2009 IV Round Koszalin – Part I


Yup- 1st real post this time.  As i said before- from the SDS IV round in Koszalin. Damn good event! In the opening photo you can see the eventual winner Paweł Trela in BORROWED (!) car- nissan 200sx with 2jz engine. This was his qualification run. And believe me- this 2jz engine really has power!


Guess what… This god damn hole, was at the end of the stright away, when you iniciate your drift. Dont ask me how many cars hit it hard. I thought that few of them might loss tyre or sth. Nothing happend and this is a good news ^^


Just look at that! Not to close to that hole now xD Tomasz Chwastek didn’t make it to TOP16 though. His s14a is so nice. All the graphics on the car were made with aerograph by Pierre Bodin. You dont know him? Shame on you.


Guess what- this guy was new to the 1st league battles and he was like 4th in the qualifications =O Ally ( his nickname) really have speed, angle and technique! Btw- his car was the weakest in power! Unfortunatly he end his day in TOP16. Not to good to fight BRT- veteran in SDS ^^ Anyway- congratulations on getting SDS licence!


Yup- thats Toyota Soarer. Exterior is almost stock, but inside we have some power ;) Didn’t make it to TOP16 unfortunately.


Here we can see white Skyline <3 Ow yeah- he broke his bumper that time :P He end up in TOP16, but then out in 1st pair.


Talkin bout the bumpers… I count like 4 out there in the grass for the whole day. This one is from AE86.


Thats one of the cleanest drift cars on this event- Hetman s14. Really like it, but didn’t make it into TOP16 as well >.>


Thats Kornel Prus in his s14a. 16 place in qualifications and TOP8- not bad. Top16 battle was lucky for him- qualification winner Jakub Skomorucha in his AE86 spin out. In TOP8 he end up with Przemysław Jańczak in BMW M3 E36 who was 3rd in all day.


Last photo of the day- Krzysztof  Terej and Nissan 200sx with s14a front. Oh btw- his bumper didn’t make it to the end :P

Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more action from Koszalin. That was only qualification! I have paddock and tsuiso photos somewhere ;) Take care ^^


6 Responses to “Super Drift Series 2009 IV Round Koszalin – Part I”

  1. I would like to read it in my mother-language. Honestly, I don’t feel like reading about our car events in English.

    Nice photos ;)

  2. rayjdm Says:

    That will be done ;) Next time i’ll write in both- english and polish.
    PL: Niech się stanie wola twoja ;) Następnym razem będzie wersja w obu językach.

  3. Adam Says:

    Wow, great event. Hope to be there next year :)

  4. maćko Says:

    nazywanie zwyklej europejskiej s13 240 sx’em to trisomia 21ej pary chromosomow. jestes polakiem, czy opoznionym w rozwoju amerykanskim gimbusem?

    • rayjdm Says:

      To nie jest s13… jak już to 200 sx. Jest nissan silvia s13 i bynajmniej za dużo takich nie ma w polsce.

  5. maćko Says:

    dziecko widze ze nie zrozumiales o co chodzi..

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