Official Closure

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Yea, It was bound to happen. 23.7.2011 is the last day of this blog life. I’ve started this blog only as a fun project. Something to get started with. In the meantime I’ve bought new dslr, sold it, bought another one, write a damn lot and spend some quality time. I was trying to show drifting in Poland to bigger audience, all around the world. Damn, I even wrote articles for driftworks :D Anyway a little sumarry:

I started this blog around august of 2009. During this time Ray’s JDM Life got:
257 views during 13 september 2009. That was also the busisest month (1615 views). Usually this blog got around 30 click per day, but rush ours (new posts lol) reach to 150+. I have no idea if its good result or not. I will leave that for you to judge. I really had good time. Soon I might start new website. Any info about that I will post here as well.

As for now- remember to keep drifting fun ;)


Event -> SDC III Round Sosnowiec 18-19.06.2011

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As this might be the very last post on this blog, I’ve thought about doing it right. So there are 25 photos, with my few words below each of them ;) I have to admit- this event was pretty cool. I’ve been bugging people about getting something like concrete wall since last year and finally it was there. Were the cars happy? Well… Was the show worth it? DEFINITELY! All photos are at least 1600×900 so if you want to see full res, press on them.

So lets start with FAN class or 2nd league. What impressed me the most, were some guys that were closer to wall than PROFI ones (1st league). As all photos are from practise/drift taxi, thats now their 100% drive. On this photo you can see Marcin Szczepaniak, who got 2nd place in his class. Congratz!

Now seriously, this photo is amazing. I guess its all great, because even rear wheel is smiling! Hahahaha! Michał Boruta, FAN class drifter who was closest to the wall from all of them. Only 8th place though, seems like pression was too big.

And we are into the pro guys. As always, Mateusz Włodarczyk was giving his best. Both on and off track ( you know what I mean :D). It resulted in 10th place in qualifications.

And did he like the wall? Be the judge and guess. Big surprise came when he was knocked out in TOP32 by Wojciech Sposób. Well, maybe next time mate!

Radek Habrowski was on fire whole saturday. He was one of the first guys to tap the wall on each run, getting comfy with track within few laps. Unfortunately, he didn’t show for TOP32. I’m not sure what happened, but that was probably some problems with car.

And that was really bad, because I would love to see him in tsuiso. One of the most close to the wall guys.

Piotr Wiecek was one of the first victims to the wall. Maybe victim is a little too big word. Lets say he did kissed the wall but with tongue. Well no wonder, just look how close he was to the wall!

And here you can see the effects of the french kiss with the wall. Later on his car looked more like out of drift matsuri. Showman nonetheless :D

Number 2 in qualifications, Dawid Karkosik and his sweet s15 silvia. Too bad you can’t see her, but she is shy and always hides behind the smoke :(

Marcin Mospinek, still number 1st overall this season was struggling at first to nail some wall taps. Seems like it is not his thing. Well, it all changed during sunday, where he showed how to ride in pairs. He was knocked out in TOP8 by the driver who later finished 1st :)

And who was 1st you ask? We will get to that ;) As for now, beware of the smokemachine!

Wall lovers were all around. Paweł Kalotka gently kissed her, as it was obvious for gentleman.

Nonetheless he almost failed to qualify. With all qualification runs scored at 0, he placed himself 33rd. Luckily (for him of course) mechanical failure of one of the competitors gave him place in TOP32. He had to face number one qualifier Szymon Budzyński who ended his day.

And here you can see a photo story. When you are after a champion, do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to copy his speed when not sure. Przemysław Jańczak going all out into this corner.

Grzegorz Snios thought he was good enough to copy this speed and failed to do so. Hard hit was the end of it. If you look closely, you can see flying cam which happened to be on the side of impact ( look at the valvoline poster ;) ).

Somehow damage wasn’t as bad as it looks ( I’m not talking about the camera :P ) and he was able to continue his weekend during sunday. And what a weekend it was! At TOP16 he knocked out number one qualifier Szymon Budzyński which was a big surprise. His day end anyway because of… Przemek Jańczak! I bet he remembered this hard hit and just couldn’t go hard enough when following ;)

Ok now, sorry for similar photo, but this ass is sexy! I won’t hide it anymore, Dawid Karkosik has won round III in Sosnowiec! Big gratz for you mate ;) I remember telling him after the briefieng that if he leaves the cones alone, he is going to win. Seems like I was right. Tons of smoke ( you can see above ), incredibly agressive driving and screams of rb engine is a hard combo to beat.

About the rb scream… His teammate, who also fell in love with wall, was scaring all the kids around with as loud noises as s15. Sticker on the wing says it all- RB POWER!

During drifting weekends/events there is always something to see. Be it qualifications, tsuiso, drift taxi or just practise. Of course 3 cars tandem is also great! Team PUZ started to practise together during saturday to cheer everyone up. I love this photo, It shows so many things ( cars ) at once :)

Only later I’ve found that noone really likes this 3 cars tandems from valvoline guys… Pretty much because you can’t see s***!

That, my dear readers, is not Marcin Mospinek. Running almost same car is Grzegorz Hypki who, as you can see, really did loved the track layout. He liked it so much, that he was on his way to win, until he spun in the finals against Dawid Karkosik. Great driving mate anyway!

Another victim on the wall. Me and Ping were amazed that his rear window after the crash and landing on a concrete wall was still in one piece! You can’t say that about the rear quarter though…

Biggest surprise of last round in Lublin, Michał Wojtan was here as well. Showing that his great 4th place last round wasn’t only luck, he find his way to finish 4th yet again. Congratulations to you!

I’m very sorry, but I can’t help to post another picture of this s14 :D It looks soooo right with white paint and trispoke wheels (advans?)!

No, this is not final battle. Somehow they were practicing together and end up in final later on the day. And a great battle to be honest. Check out youtube videos for it, search for “Karkosik Hypki finał” ;)

Overall it was a fun weekend. Had great time helping judges (Olaf Commijs and Arkadiusz “Jordi” Dudko – cheers mates!), laughing with Pingu ( as always I must say ) and enjoying some fresh rubber. Next round in less than a month in Kołobrzeg. I hope you like photos ;) I forgot about one thing- 3rd place went to Przemysław Jańczak :) Congratulations to whole podium and see you soon!


Teaser- Sosnowiec SDC Round III

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Got some things on my mind now. I even might start something new. Well we will see. For now- one great car from last weekend ;)

SDC Round II

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This time only gallery. Sorry for it, reaaaaally busy lately >.>

Keep Drifting Fun!

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Yesterday or 2 days ago (finally) I got my KDF t-shirt! As a bonus bunch of badges and stickers ;) Used them up in a good way!

Thats the way to make urself looking cool ;)

SDC I Round Warsaw Bemowo

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Hey guys! Long time no see ;) The blog is still alive ( in opposition to me … ) and as the season progress I will be uploadin it from time to time. This past weekend I was at awesome event by SSS. That is SSSuper Drift Cup opening round in Warsaw. BUT, unfortunately for this blog and you, I was as organizer yet again and I didn’t manage to take any photos… It was incredible feat and I will prolly post sth about it on driftworks later. For now, check Turbo Charged Life for some nice photos ;)

Mata ne! I mean See ya >.<!

Wallpaper -> Bochenek Skyline R33

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A little gift for u, notebook users ;) If u need any other resolution, gimme a hint over mail/comments ^^

Nissan Skyline r33 drift